Bridgestone Blizzak Dm-v2 Reviews

By David Barlow
Latst Updated: December 14, 2020

Crossovers or SUVs with their tall undercarriage and powerful engines can be especially useful on heavy snowy roads. However, its grip will be extremely limited if it does not have a reliable tire. This is why we wrote the Bridgestone Blizzak Dm-v2 Reviews below to give you a hint on the best fit for these models.

bridgestone blizzak dm v2 review

Bridgestone Blizzak Dm-v2 Reviews in 2020


Bridgestone only supports the Blizzak DM-V2, a relatively popular size. Both the P-metric and LT-metric are fully provided. Accordingly, the parameters of the roof stretch from 15 inches to the maximum length of 22 inches. 

Therefore, this type of foam is suitable for most large SUVs and popular trucks on the market. Such heavy vehicles always need a reliable tire to ensure safety in long-haul handling situations.


Bridgestone improved the tire wear of the Blizzak DM-V2 with an innovative physical approach. They designed narrow rubber lines that are deep, along with the circumference of the tire. As a result, when this foam is worn out, these rubber bars will gradually expose and help create greater friction for the tire. 

From there, the adhesion of the road surface will be more stable, and the service life of this foam will be significantly longer than that of conventional foam.

However, you should not abuse this feature because it can only ensure maximum safety on wet rain roads. Even driving with a spike of fewer than 5/12 inches in length is a violation of traffic laws in many countries worldwide. You should change the foam as soon as you notice the rubber lines on the groove are exposed.

This is also a unique feature of this foam as it can give warnings to users so they can be replaced promptly.


Does this foam work on dry runways well?

This is a unique winter bike, so this bike is almost capable of working well on different types of snow roads. Many other plastic manufacturers sometimes have to sacrifice adhesion or dry handling for a cost-optimal design, but this is not the case with Bridgestone’s tires.

It can assist the user in accelerating, and braking sensitivity is the best in the same segment.

Is it comfortable to use?

This product is not like regular winter cushions. Whether you feel comfortable, sometimes will depend on the quality of your car. Therefore, the comfort rating of these tires is sometimes relatively superficial. However, it must be said that the design of these nibs is relatively quiet even at high speeds. 

It also makes some noise when running on dry roads, but for someone who is not too fastidious, this is acceptable. We think owners of powerful SUVs tend to be satisfied with the quality of the bike.


We hope that the following Bridgestone Blizzak Dm-v2 Reviews can help users better understand the knowledge related to this tire. If you own the cars mentioned above, you can thoroughly consult and choose a suitable tire for your car size.

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